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Wednesday, November 26, 2008 @ Hongkong trip day 3
ok im back
so i woke up did watever and went for breakfast
ah hyuu kor kor bring us to a small kopitiam
all the children all eat gong zai min
i eat with egg and luncheon meat
then my egg is 1/2 cooked so the egg yolk is still liquid
then i make the egg yolk break
the egg yolk spread thru the soup
whole table including me say EWW
the luncheon meat damn soft can..
its in the soup
then we go shopping
walk walk walk
then go prudential building
i tink
then got the lingerie shop rite
got the clothes dat rihanna wear when singing disturbia
its a net
and u can see the insides
including the "ahem!" and the "AHERM!!!"
then inside got 100++ porn pics
like ppl wearing bra and underwear posing
i seriously dint wanna say dat
then go eat lunch at garden restaurant again..
then go nu ren jie (women street)
then got the duno wat to call dat
u throw on the table will flatten
then slowly come up
cheryl is cluelessly perverted
she saw the penis shaped one and dint know dat its a penis
then she keep pulling and pulling
then the shop keeper say dun pull
he say in cantonese so she dun understand and keep pulling
until her mother come and say its the boy's "AHEM"
then she say OMG
then we walk walk walk again
then hungry
go to dessert shop
their sesame paste damn nice la
then we go eat dinner dat garden restaurant again
there full so we eat at the waiting area xD
eat steamboat
i ate 1 plate of pig liver
3 cokes
then the other stuff i dun like so i eat little bit
some stranger went down the stairs and vomitted something black
and it is NOT sesame paste
ok eat liao go back hotel
late liao so bathe n sleep
day 4..
im getting sian of dis

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