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Wednesday, November 26, 2008 @ Hongkong trip day 2
ok i wake up then bathe and watever
then we late liao
we need take ferry to hongkong
then its suppossed to go at 12
then we late cuz we need go south lobby but some ppl go west lobby
then need cut through casino but we children so muz take the long way round
then we found them and we muz walk the long way back
then reach south lobby already 11.55
so we late lor
then emmil father go book another 10 tickets for the 12.30 ferry
cus got 5 children 5 adults
then we wait wait wait
talk talk talk
thn ferry come liao
we go
then the ferry is shaking like a drunken bitch
my frens make me go 1st then they go behind
so i go lor
then on the ferry
we sleep
1 hour later reach hongkong liao
then we go to hongkong novotel
then thr the scene is like orchard road 15 yrs ago de orchard road
then the cars drive damn fucking fast
then me and chloe and her mother overshot the turn
then we almost lost
then we go back and turn and found the hotel
then thr got apple comp
they do msn with their aunt
i sit beside and see
then we go up to our rooms
its 3 families 3 rooms
juz nice then we put luggage then we go eat lunch
b4 dat we go to emmil's father branch office
met the manager thr
we call him ah-hyuu kor kor
then he bring us go eat lunch at a small restaurant
then we eat
thr the food nicer than macau de lor
then we go shop
shop liao go eat dinner at garden restaurant
then we go back hotel
me emmil chloe cheryl and carlyn go bathe and watever
then they all go my room play
adults drink 12 yrs old chivas regal whisky
children play treasure hunt with a water bottle label
then the adults hide the label then we find
and its back on the water bottle
so we tear to make marking
then play another 1 hr
then we play another game
1 person go out of the suite
then the others choose 1 person
muz say out 3 things abt the chosen person
after saying 3tings the outside person can come in
then guess who is the chosen person
if right nothing happen
if wrong muz do a dare
then chloe and emmil kena
chloe muz do 10 round ballerina turning in front of the adults
emmil sing abc song
then bored
play police and murderer
will have paper
the paper will write 1 police
1 murderer
then the rest all vitims
we 5 ppl
so police we write P
murderer we write M
victim we write V
so got 1 P 1 M 3 V
then we crush the papers
then we random take
i am always the 'little guy'
emml and cheryl always murderer
then we play until 2am
then we sleep
next up. DAY 3!!!

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