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Wednesday, November 26, 2008 @ Hongkong trip day 1
ok.. so i went to macau 1st
the 3+am wake up chng n watever
then go airport using taxi
then met my frens chloe cheryl emmil carlyn
my mother met her frens and we check in
i forgot to pack my pencil case so they found my scissors WTFH
my bai bei scissors kena confiscated
ok forget abt dat
then we saw 1 print drawing tingy
then we colour
then got pics comeout
then we leave there =X
then we go air-o-plane
we go budget airlines de
the tiger airways
then we muz walk on the airport runway to the aeroplane and its so small
6 seats per row
we fly fly fly 3 and 1/2 hr
budget airlines sucks
no games
no tv
no movies
no free food
so i play psp
emmil play ds
the other 3 sit beside watch
then chloe wan play my psp
then sleep
then write immigration form
then sleep again
then wake up
see sunrise
sleep again
then alight at macau
there damn cold
19 degrees
summore the wind so strong
cheryl wear mini skirt sia LOL
ok then we go venetian hotel
there damn big
then we eat at the check in waiting area
i eat 3 saucers of salmon with mushroom
the salmon rox
the mushroom sux
then got the iduno wat sandwiches with salami and alot onions and tomato and vege
its nice
im EWWW-ing abt the vege
i pluck out the vege then eat
then we go our room
then super nice
got 2 floors
lower de is got 1 sofa bed 1 tv and 1 glass table 1 wood table
upstairs got 2 queen sized bed 1 lcd tv
then we put our luggage then go the places of interest
we go to the duno wat fort gate or sumting
1/2way we eat bakua and almond cookies
i hate almond
emmil look up to see ppl hanging clothes
then i look up to see wat he looking at
then chloe cheryl and carlyn all look up
then everybody who walk past us stop and look up
then the ppl near them also look up
then sudenly everybody all look up
then we all look like retards staring at the clouds
then we go the gate or watever
got stairs and a slope
we race up the slope and into the gate
then we climb stairs up the gate
then we take foto and pose for the world
we pose like
/\ LOL
then we take shuttle buz back hotel do watever eat AND SLEEP
btw the porridge is nice
ok day 2 at next post
wow so long post
BYE *waves retardedly*

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