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Sunday, June 1, 2008 @ First Aid Competition
oops sry for the long update.. was busy watching bleach
went to sjab hq for first aid competition (fac)
i was de casualty.. zz regretted
so nice edmund wound is kana stab by knife then his shirt got 'blood' and got cut
looks real fake
then jeremy wound drop at least 10 times cuz he keep showing his bloody shirt and chest to laura.. then keep shaking..
the wound drop alr he will say
eh maam my wound drop!!
then the guy say his skin got prob cuz the 'wound' cant stick
its plasticine thoo..
in the end he oso giv up lol
then trow away
edmund bag got potato chips
so jeremy wan the potato chips
but hq ther cant eat ma..
so they snatch here snatch there
then the fac start..
edmund group need to do 4 times.
jeremy groop need 3 times
my group 2 times..
ahh.. so full.. eat 2 packet chicken rice
2nd packet din finish
but when jeremy turn to go he juz finish eating.. concidence siaaa
then we finish alr.. 5.30 we wait for GOH 2 come..
we waited..
and waited...
and waited......
and then i fell asleep while daydreaming..
wake up alr i stand up..
whole body numb so stagger all over da place..
no choice sit down again..
then sleep again
wake up numb gone.. GOH alr on stage
prize presentation start
we won a few bronzes
a few silvers
a few golds
so overall okok soso la..
ear deaf liao
other sch win bronze also scream lk hell
u say win gold scream like wat..
so loud i suddenly blur
then ok liao then the goh do a very very very very very boring speech..
ok prize presentation finish liao.. go home 7.30
went there 9 am
until 7.30
shld stop here byess~~
main characters for 2day: edmund and jeremy

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