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Thursday, May 22, 2008 @ another new blogskin
another new blogskin.
about allen playing the song that mana planted in his head

lol 2day everybody so sien
leant some new jap words
moyashi (beansprout)
baka (idiot)
wana learn wats f word in jap
anyone care to tell me?
aishah cried dunno why..
me and zuqing and hui fang and izzati and atikah try 2 comfort her.
still cry.
so we leave her alone lor.
leave her to cry until happy.
then i go see izzati and weien and atikah play stress
atikah pro seh
then aishah ok liao come play stress with us.
after dat we play uno
then i duno go do wat..
umm then miss lim come
talk 2 us about the report book and the cultural fiesta stuff
then we discuss the cultural fiesta the costume to wear..
izzati and daren lim say wear black black..
lol wear black at night?!
then they say put glitter
how can i sacrifice my black shirt like dat?!
then they say wear jeans with 4 bottles hanging down there........
so lame
ok discuss finish liao we get drama results
wth my name not in the paper..
hui jie also..
so we wanna ask mr yeo
then i call him but nobody answer
so i go home..
monday folk dance lesson then i ask him
i go down and izzati BEG me to play uno with her..
so i play lor...
i suck at it..
2 matches and i'm gone
then huijie come down tell me mr yeo came out of the office then went back in
but nvms monday ask him easier liao lor
anyway he dancing with us for the cultural fiesta
theni went to causeway kfc and ate cheese friens
go comic connection to find the d.gray man dvd
WTF sold out!!!
asked yentl but she say she lend her best best best fren
nvm ask her when she gets it back.
shld stop here byes

Okay, baaaai~
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