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Tuesday, April 8, 2008 @ We the sotong family of 6Diamond'07!
Now let me tell u ppl abt my p6 class... 6Diamond...
We're the loving sotong family. our parents, papa and mama sotong, had a hard time dealing with us, the 42 'children' they had. we also had a kind grand mama... who babysits us when our parents are busy with work ^^ some day in the 2nd semester... sotong no. 12 went to korea for 'further studies'... now we have all gone for further studies... leaving grandmama sotong to tc a mischievious group of kids in the childcare. We Are The Happiest Sotong Family Ever!!!
Mrs Tan-Ong Ee Lee [Grand Mama Sotong]
Ahmad Hasan [sotong no. 1]
Brendan Chan [sotong no. 2]
Eugene Wong [sotong no. 3]
Eunice Chew [sotong no. 4]
Frederica [sotong no. 5]
Jun You [sotong no. 6]
Puay Siang [sotong no. 7]
Hao Qing [sotong no. 8]
Wei Jie [sotong no. 9]
Crystal Huai [sotong no. 10]
Jonathan Ong [sotong no. 11]
Gyu Young [sotong no. 12]
Kacey [sotong no. 13]
Shawn [sotong no. 14]
Jia Li [Mama Sotong]
Bryan Leong [sotong no. 16]
Jun Jie [sotong no. 17]
Jing Yu [sotong no. 18]
Jun Weng [sotong no. 19]
Hui Xian (ME) [sotong no. 20]
Syahmi [Papa Sotong]
Yusuf [sotong no. 22]
Zahid [sotong no. 23]
Sabrina [sotong no. 24]
Afiqah [sotong no. 25]
Zheng Han [sotong no. 26]
Raffles Chan [sotong no. 27]
Komal [sotong no. 28]
Han Yu [sotong no. 29]
Louis Lee [sotong no. 30]
Syuhada [sotong no. 31]
Zhe Ching [sotong no. 32]
Hui Shi [sotong no. 33]
Guan Heng [sotong no. 34]
Yi Ning [sotong no. 35]
Fiona Toh [sotong no. 36]
Victor Ang [sotong no. 37]
William Dunn [sotong no. 38]
Zhi Wei [sotong no. 39]
Yang Ming [sotong no. 40]
John Yap [sotong no. 41]
Nicole Yap [sotong no. 42]
Yos Yohannes [sotong no. 43]
Jing Fei [sotong no. 44]
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